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Impruneta Terracotta

In this section you can find everything you need to know about this unique material. You will be able to fully understand its value which is due to particular chemical elements, culture and traditions

From the blue clays to the end result

From the clays that give rise to Impruneta terracotta: light blue/grey "argille", as typical as the pine woods and the vineyards.

To the end result: typically strong pink/red bricks, "orci"(large jars), plant pots, statues and artistic ceramics such as those of Luca Della Robbia.
Luca Della Robbia did not invent the enamel tin-glazing process but he certainly brought it to a fine art form at a special time, when Florence had a special flowering in the arts (Donatello, Masaccio, Brunelleschi, Ghiberti and the Medicis lived at this time).

The most durable terracotta in the world

The beautiful pink colour of our terracotta is due to the high presence of "galestro" a clay with a high iron content: that is why an Impruneta vase will ring like a bell when tapped with a finger.
Once fired, these products, become as strong as metal. Therefore they can resist bad weather conditions, frost and ice in winter and become stronger and stronger in time, while other earthenware pots are fragile and lose their original condition as time goes by.


This "Orcio"(jar) is certainly one hundred years old and is not affected by winter or summer weather conditions.


Travelling around Florence you may find several examples of more than one century and a half old vases as you can see from the kiln mark and date. It is a tradition to print the name of the kiln and sometimes the year before firing any product in Impruneta.

Ferdinando Vanni Boboli Garden Florence
Valentino Paoletti Villa Torrigiani Lucca

The most frost resistant terracotta in the world


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